Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ngliyep Beach

Ngliyep Beach on the shore of the Indonesian Ocean, precisely in the village district Kedungsalam Donomulyo, 62 km to the south of the city of Malang. Ngliyep Beach is a beach with natural beauty that is still natural to unity steep cliffs and protected forest surrounding the beach. An unspoiled white sand and the waves seemed to play on the sidelines of the coastal cliffs Ngliyep worth to visit.
The beaches are still deserted distinction makes this beach is still comfortable to play around interrupted waves and white sand. Each year, in the month of Java exact birthday month, will Ngliyep beach more than usual because entitled ritual ceremony called the Folk Art in title 15 birthday. Batik is a form of ritual sacrifice ceremony, where the head of farm animals such as sheep or cows will be sacrificed into the sea as a ritual offering.
Holiday with his family to the beach can be a fun holiday activities. If in the previous article we have discussed about Lombok Senggigi beach with natural keasrian. So Ngliyep Coast will serve no less beautiful panorama. Work see the sunset, sand play, enjoy the rumble-roar of the waves can soothe your mind after a week of working. Steep cliffs dotted dsekelilingnya by protected forest around the beach to make one of the interesting spot this Ngliyep Coast.
But if you want to swim at the beach this Ngliyep. So be careful, because the beach is still Ngliyep including the south coast has strong waves. even so, you will not be disappointed spending time on this beach just to play around or spend time with family enjoying the beautiful beach this Ngliyep.

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 Source: www.eastjava.com/tourism/malang/ina/ngliyep-beach.html

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