Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Lamongan Marine Tourism

Lamongan Marine Tourism (WBL) is available with its unique, the result of a combination of aspects of nature, culture, and architecture, which is global, taste but still maintain local trademark. WBL is a balancing towards some tourism places that have exist before like Tanjung Frog and Maharani cave. It is located on the north coast of Java, at Paciran, Lamongan regency, East Java. It is on 17 hectares field and supported by some facilities, which are ready to please the guest with one stop service concept.
Nautical tourism Lamongan Located on the northern coast of Java, especially in sub Paciran, Lamongan - East Java Sea Excursions Lamongan (WBL) offers an oasis for travelers. Now when the road - the road to Tanjung frog Lamongan beach, amusement and recreation for families nuances were present there. Cape beach is now converted into a prima donna toads to East Java tourism community, nautical tourism Lamongan (WBL is also called) in which irrefutable tourism draw. WBL was officially opened on 14 November 2004.
WBL is open daily from 08.30 to 17.00 WIB. Admission prices are divided into two categories, the canal with price Rp. 40,000 and Rp -/people normal. 25,000, -/people. There are also facilities such as Cuisine Market, Travel, Fruit and Fish Market and other public facilities such as mosques, clinics, ATM, point Breastfeeding & Baby, Toilet, Parking Lot, and others.
Beach Resort covering Cottage and Hotel. Finally, this local object has international level build using modern management of PT Bumi Lamongan True represent two of the reign of Lamongan Regency with PT Bunga Wangsa True that have managed to build and expand in Stone Park East Java. Currently, Cape Frog has new trademark by the name of nautical trips Lamongan "WBL of Tanjung Frog Or East Java Park II".
This attraction has its own natural beach background, sharp rocks such as frogs that were once used as a place of astronomical symptom research sun eclipse totalize by Nasa of Federal America. Currently, the site has been built in large scale and professional using maritime concept tourism like in Ancol Jakarta, Singapore and Japan Coast. This tourism area also close to gold diligence center, painting on cloth and embroidery in glorious countryside, Sendang Dhuwur and Sendang and fish landing centers in East Java port Brondong

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